Renate A. Hernandez says:
I LOVE that LightFlow Skin for jAlbum and the service that Kaya provided me was TOPS (Outstanding).
Thank You Kaya!

Homeboy says:
Beautiful skin with very good and fast support! Kaya sent me some lines of code I needed to use Fotomoto with this skin instead of Paypal.
Highly recommended!

Darryn Wade says:
Lightflow is by far the best I have come across yet. A fantastic way to view galleries of images and very simple to use. Kay's help is always invaluable and immediate. If you're trying to decide on which skin to use, look no further than Lightflow. I have used it for three years now and wouldn't even consider trying anything else!
Thank you for all the help Kay, it's very much appreciated!

Dale Walkey says:
thank you for the skin with everything I want and need!

thepres6 says:
With the 3.8.5 version upgrade this has to be the best skin at Jalbum with the integrated shopping cart. Kay's work and support are awesome and he is a longtime supporter of the Jalbum community.
I highly recommend the commercial version of this skin, if anyone has any questions or would like to see how I use it stop by at: www.adamsviews.net

Dale A Morgan says:
After many thoughts into what skin to purchase I decided to go for LightFlow. I am so glad that I chose LightFlow, it is so easy to use and create outstanding albums. I would recommend this skin to anyone looking for an easy to use interface that gives superb results.
Also would like to thank Kay for the very quick reply to emails I sent prior to purchase. Kay is 110% customer focused and answered my queries very professionally.
Thanks Kay for your time and beautiful Skin.

Paula-M says:
LightFlow is without question the most beautiful interface I've ever seen for creating outstanding photo galleries. With the commercial version you can easily integrate e-commerce too. For free! How's that for service?
KayA, you ROCK!!

Michael Wollwert says:
Ich habe mir die Commercial, Single domain gekauft, ist es mir wert!!

Lynda says:
This album is terrific and I'm almost into 2 years of use. I have been able to customize as needed. I can't brag enough about how helpful Kaya is if you have questions.
BRAVO! The info plus feature is awesome! More! More!

RuedaMadness says:
Brilliant! The best and most versatile skin I've seen. Beautifully executed. I'm still discovering all it's many uses.
Thanks for sharing your creativity.

thepres6 says:
Wonderful work Kay, may favorite skin to date -;0)

ashoreschool says:
Have use LightFlow for nearly 2 years, and am very pleased with continual upgrades for the paid version.
Great product - very happy with results.

Paola Goldoni says:
Nice skin!!

shaunieo says:
Great skin. I like it vs the others as I was looking for something "Apple" like that was clean and would work on pods, pads and puters the exact same way. Something not possible with skins that flash.
Great support as well.

Joel says:
One of the most creative skins I've seen. It took me a while to configure it to the way I wanted, but then I should have contacted Kay first. I had a few questions and she quickly and competently assisted me! I absolutely love it and it's perfect for my website.

zppwroc says:
I've buy a licence to use like self standing site! Smart spend money. Very good one.
Best regarts from Poland/Wroclaw:)

Diana Khalil says:
One of the best skins I've ever used, great design and ease of work. Also a great support and communication with Kay...
I had a little problem in setting my paypal button and he patiently guided me through the whole procedure.
Thank you Kay and Thank you Jalbum.

Peter Ooi says:
This skin is awesome. The developer as responsive and helped me work out the issues I had with my site creation.
Thank You Kay!

Michael Youngman says:
A great clean design, and excellent product suypport. I had a minor issue and Kay emailed me back and resolved within hours.
A pleasure to deal with & highly recommended.

Eva says:
This is a great skin, I made my website in it and when I wanted to tweak some things I emailed the designer and got a lot of help very fast! Very great service!!
Also, I added a social-media button to this skin, like this: "AddThis" (http://www.addthis.com/). One could generate its own code source, copy and paste it into LightFlow's GUI and LightFlow would display it below the thumbnails and/or page.

galaxiegalleri says:
Normal i will never buy any forms like this..But Change are here i get all in jalbum and lightflow. And i not get any pay for say it do it becuse many more should using jalbum for low price

jdesq250 says:
I favored this skin from the beginning and I think it is the best without any doubts. Kay, is also a very conscious gentleman and helps when and where ever he can. Kay seems busy all the time to make it even better (A tough job as the program is already super and a charm to work with.
Highly recommended.
John D. esq

Forrest H. says:
Brilliant service and I love the product!
Many thanks

Damen888 says:
5 Stars here, support from Kay was phenomenal ! Works with all browsers that I know of. Excellent work!

mrophotography says:
Good products need the recognition they deserve...
Many Thanks !

tracysartwork says:
Thank you for this great skin! I purchased a license for commercial use and with using the info+. I am able to do quite a lot with Jalbum now.
Kay was kind enough to explain something to me which really saved me a lot of time!
So thank you again and I'm looking forward to using this great skin.

Frank E. says:
I have spent months trying to find something like this!
Many thanks for the effort you must have put in to create this skin.
Nine euros is not enough, but you will have to wait until I win the lottery for any more!

iarenas says:
Te felicito por este gran trabajo, realmente LIGHTFLOW me ha ayudado mucho en mi trabajo profesional y en mi vida personal.
Es genial encontrar un trabajo tan profesional y con una licencia a tan buen precio!
Super skin!!!!

Ebraam M. says:
I would like to extend my gratitude for this wonderful product.
I am thouroughly impressed and until I found Lightflow skin, I was lost as to how to display my pictures. Thanks again.

Fritz H. says:
This 3.4 upgrade has some great new features! Your support is the best.

sjoed says:
This skin is realy GREAT !! It's easy customizable to all your needs. Great work Kay !

Todd L. says:
Lightflow Gallery...love it by the way...thank you for your hard work on it.

Marcel G. says:
Thanks a lot for your helpful mail, and compliments for building such a (in my opinion 0_0 ) complicated structure!
Now it's all tweaked in the settings of my site.
Hope you'll sell a lot of licences.

fdx058 says:
Very good idea congrats for this hard work !! John

awllc says:
Great skin from Kaya. Great addition to my web project.
Kaya was very available to answer my questions and helped me with some modifications.

Awesome product!

dumitreltoma says:
A wonderful skin. The best for my site and loved by my visitors.

ashoreschool says:
You rock! This makes the best Youtube display on the planet!

michaelhartzell says:
This one shines.

ifthisshoefits says:
This is a wonderful skin. Thanks for sharing your time and talent.

Jmounsey says:
Great skin best i've found so far.

slaman says:
Great skin - the best that I've found after sifting through literally all of the ones here.

mysticpic says:
I loooove this skin! So freaking elegant and classy! :-)

fatih67 says:
it looks very nice. thank you for share it with us

waderz says:
Best skin in my opinion. Great way to showcase my amateur photos.

kualla says:
its absolutely nice!

fhautog says:
I really wonder, how to develop such a phantastic gallery. I think, it is the best, I have seen since now.

ktw says:
This is the skin I've picked and I really love it: so effective!

abstractartist says:
its a beautiful skin and smooth in the thumnails and the main pictures

friesenjung says:
I absolutely appreciate the look and feel of this skin

sandeshjk says:
Hey kaya.. I am in love with your work. I appreciate the efforts you put behind making the skin.. its simply amazing... hats off to u. As i said its one of the most amazing skins i have ever seen. cheers.

airds says:
Great skin Kaya, looks great and worked first time. Only change I made was to increase the number of slides in the flow by increasing the number of rows and columns to 10 x 10 in Jalbum, so gives up to 100 images, etc. and so works without moving onto a new page. Oh and put a favicon in the root folder :-)

davidgoh says:
Kaya, this is simply great.

spanishspy says:
excellent skin!
many thanx Kaya for your effort....
it's just what I was looking for....

cmatthews says:
hi kaya
this is an amazing skin, thanks for that great work!

nikoshadowking says:
awesome skin!

Wambonator says:
This skin is fantastic! Just what I was looking for!
Thank you very much Kaya!

dfphoto says:
Wanted to say Kay is a super developer, he (he or she) sorry, anyway, very helpful did some custom tinkering to analyze an issue with golive I was having. Talk about customer service.... 5 out of 5!

j1deart says:
The Best Skin Ever.

dfphoto says:
Hi the developer is a great person very willing to wok with independent people like me who would like to customize the skin. I highly recommend this skin plus it looks kewl as they say in Hawaii.

hoevel says:
Hi Kaya,
Merci, merci, merci for your great skin. W o w .
It's just what I was looking for. On Sunday I made a sample website for a customer with black background and white text and integrated his pictures with Jalbum and LightFlow. It fits perfectly. I'm quite excited what he will say.
But with V 1.2.0 you topped your excellent performance by far and I am really happy with those reflections standing out with a white/bright background.
I thank you so much for that really super great skin V 1.2.0.
With best regards from Cologne, Germany

FransFotografie says:
Great skin!

jinx says:

makran says:
Excellent work!